Since 1972, ICCOSA has obtained several construction, project, consulting, and service contracts, for the government, public and private companies in 6 states. Those contracts include the following:

Affordable houses
Affordable apartment units
Residential houses
House extensions or remodeling


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Industrial and Commercial Buildings  
Office or commercial buildings
Schools or university buildings
Industrial plants or warehouses
Health care centers
Remodeling works in business premises, office buildings, markets, hospitals,
Schools or factories.
Restoration or maintenance works in business premises, markets, workshops,
schools or land developments
Urban Development and Infrastructure   
Water piping or sewage works
Land or housing developments
Wall construction or urban equipping works
Telecommunication infrastructure works
Earth Movement, Roads and Streets 
Streets and junctions
Earth movement works

Hydraulic Works  
Rural water containment or water conduction works

Supervising, Project and Construction Management   
Construction supervising contracts for housing, schools or prisons
Construction management or project management contracts
Design projects of water piping and sewage systems, gas stations or
Architectural projects for libraries, sport stadiums, shopping malls, parking
lots, hospitals, industrial plants or laboratories.
Residential projects
Master plan development contracts

Studies and Consulting   
Technical or financial feasibility studies for water piping systems, cultural
centers, parking lots, theaters, agricultural production projects, slaughter
houses or public transport systems.
Consulting contracts in real estate, social welfare, franchising, hotel
business, environment, education and production projects
Other Services   
Administrative or other services contracts
Land development maintenance contracts
If you are interested in the complete version of ICCOSA's curriculum (for now in Spanish only), with the dates and descriptions of every contract, as well as the client's name, or if you need more detailed information about any area of our company, please send us a message to with your contact information and your specific request, and we will be glad to provide it to you