Ingeniería Civil y Construcción de Obras, ICCOSA, is a general construction company based in Guadalajara, México.

It was founded on august 28th 1972, and it is one of the construction companies with most years of continuous existence in the region.

Trough its 40 years of history ICCOSA has designed, developed or built a large amount of construction projects, including: office buildings, apartment buildings, residences, affordable housing projects, land development, rural an urban infrastructure, streets and roads, hospitals, sports stadiums, theaters, shopping malls and others.

Recently, the company was in charge of the project management and construction management of the Auditorio Telmex, an 11,000 seats theater, owned by the University of Guadalajara. It represents a nearly 50 million dollar investment and one of the most important construction projects in Jalisco in recent years.


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